The International Hand and Wrist Congress

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The International Hand & Wrist Congress (IHWC) is the region’s only event that exclusively focus on the pathologies and treatment of various aspects of the upper limb.

For this year, the scientific committee has put together an exciting and informative program which will feature a series of keynote lectures, instructional courses, cadaveric workshops and case discussion sessions.

Over 2 days, the congress will have an extensive program that covers

- Proximal interphalangeal joint injuries
- Collateral ligament injury in thumb
- Scaphoid fractures
- Scapholunate ligament injuries
- Distal radius fracture

- Chronic wrist pain
- DRUJ injuries
- Wrist arthroscopy
- Medicolegal aspect in hand and wrist surgery
- and more

A dedicated physiotherapy program will be running over 2 days in parallel to our hand and wrist surgery congress and will focus on a variety of topics focusing on:

- Hand and wrist splinting
- Soft tissue mobilization
- Taping techniques for the hand and wrist ... and more

This specific symposium is not only focused on physiotherapist but also clinicians who are new to hand splinting, soft tissue mobilization and taping will gain skills and confidence in the handling and manufacturing of an array of finger, hand and forearm splints, soft tissue and taping applications. Whereas experienced clinicians can enhance existing skills using new materials on the market.

A full day cadaveric hand and wrist surgery course will be running on the last day and will cover:
- Different approaches in hand and wrist surgery
- Finger fractures intra- and extra-articular
- Percutaneous scaphoid fracture fixation
- Distal radius fracture fixation
- Distal ulna fracture ... and more

Looking forward to welcoming you to IHWC 2019.

Kind regards,

Dr. Khaled Al Awadhi
Congress Chairman


Congress Objectives

  • To stay updated on the advanced surgical techniques in Orthopaedics
  • To discuss different pathologies prevalent in the Middle East and current surgical techniques
  • To create a platform where Orthopaedic Surgeons in the region can discuss their complicated cases and share evidence based treatment experience, ensuring better outcomes for their patients
  • To encourage doctors in the region to present their results and participate in scientific debates

2019 Congress Committee


Dr. Khaled Alawadi


Dr. Zuhair Al Fardan

Dr. Nebojsa Jovanovic

Scientific Committee:

Dr. Ehab Bassim Eldlyami

Dr. Chaitanya Gangadhar Dodakundi

Dr. Hamed Badawy

Dr. Christiana Savvidou